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5 Things You Should Never Do while your in the Kitchen.

5 Things You Should Never Do in the Kitchen.
  1. Try To Catch A Falling Knife: As Humans our natural instincts come in to play while the knife falls whilst cutting veggies, whereas as soon as the knife falls you should back off and prevent a major injury

  2. Cut Raw Meat And Veggies On The Same Cutting Board: It is ideal to use a Food Grade Plastic Board or Wooden for Cutting Meat and Vegetable, but they should both be used seperately.

  3. Wait Until The End To Do All The Dishes: Now cleaning dishes is a mess, but racking them up is even more messy because all the bacteria and germs get sucked inside of the material of dishes which could later get transferred onto your skin causing irritation. So, if you are the person who does dishes at end of the day, you must check this out

  4. Don't watch TV while Cooking: Now Cooking is one task that requires immense focus and dedication to bring out true flavors out of the ingredients, unless you are an experienced cook, watching bigg boss whilst cooking is not a good choice ;-)
  5. Talking on the Phone while Cooking: This might sound boring, but our mouth produces saliva while you speak in order to lubricate and moisturize our mouth, sometime the saliva exceeds its production limits resulting in excessive spits and you wouldn't want others to know that.

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