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Kolkata Kulhad Chai. The City Of Joy

Kulhad Chai

One of those ever present joys in Kolkata is the chai (tea).

It's not just any chai, in India chai plays an important role in everyone's day-to-day life without chai one cannot start his day.

Here in Kolkata it’s piping hot bubbling chai that’s nearly always served in never before used “clay cups” that’s right, clay cups are the paper cups here in Kolkata. You will find these clay pots in almost every street side vendor, big shops and tea stalls. I enjoyed many things served in kulhad (clay pots) especially things like mishti dohi (sweet yoghurt), rasgulla, lassi and many other dishes.

Walk up to any street side vendors in kolkata, order a cup of chai and in a minute you’ll be poured a fresh one, served in kulhad. It was a blissful summer morning when I visited, so that hot kulhad chai & cashew cookies were soothing and comfortable to my body. One of the best thing to do here after you have belly full of bengali street food, is to sit on chaotic street and sip an overflowing cup of kulhad chai.

Now many of you might think that they bump up the price due to fancy clay pots, but that's hardly the case. A cup of chai served in kulhad will cost you just 5-6 rupees depending on the size you choose. At first you will think to save that cute looking clay pot, but after a few days in Kolkata you’ll realize that they are so common here and not very strong. 

By Shrey Uttarwar

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