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Mint Watermelon Shots

Watermelon is one of the best thirst quenchers and can be an instant remedy to sunstroke during summer. watermelon is has moisture content upto 90% which keeps us hydrated. And mint leaves are loaded with anti-xidents  which provide relief to the stomach muscles and help in digestion.


we usually have watermelons chopped with a sprinkling of Chaat masala and Black salt. sometimes I make watermelon juice by adding mint leaves in it and it's damn easy.

The only cumbersome part of making the watermelon juice is removing the seeds. But I still managed these quickly as the watermelon had very less seeds. haha!!

mint watermelon mocktail


  • watermelon slice (remove the seed)
  • chilled sparkling water/soda
  • fresh mint leaves 
  • lemon juice 
  • ice cubes
  • salt
  • black salt(optional)


  • Add chilled watermelon slices and blend it well.
  • then add mint leaves, lemon juice & 1tsp of salt in it and again blend it again.
  • Strain the whole juice in one jar. 
  • Refrigerator it for 1 hour or add ice-cubes(if serving immediately)
  • while serving add chilled sparkling water/soda in it & garnish with mint leaves. in shot glass
  • you can also add chilled vodka in it to make watermelon cosmo.

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Blog by Shrey Uttarwar (Follow him on Instagram - @ferb_2122)

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